Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need dance experience to take lessons?
    No. All dancers start as newcomers. The more you practice through attending dances and taking lessons, the better you will become.

  • Do I need a partner to take lessons?
    No. You will take your private Lessons with a instructor, and your group Lessons with a group of people of similar skill level. Both male and female instructors are available so you can feel comfortable attending private lessons, group classes or parties as a single.  Some couples may even choose to take a number of private lessons separately, each with their own instructor.

  • What should I wear for my dance lesson?
    Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. A lightweight dress shoe with socks or nylons is best if you do not have ballroom dance shoes.  If you would like to purchase dance shoes, VeryFine brand dance shoes are available for purchase at our Studio. Please do not wear sneakers, rubber-soles, open backs, or metal spike-heels.

  • How much can I learn in one private lesson?

    After one lesson, a new dancer can learn several figures and link them together in combination to successfully dance an entire song. With experience you will learn faster in the future. Though advanced dancers may learn many figures over the course of one private lesson, they usually choose to focus on only a few concepts or figures in each Private Lesson with the intent of perfecting technique and “looking good.”

    If your teacher teaches in the studio before or after your lesson, you are free to stay and practice at no charge. Just make sure to be courteous (speak softly, stay out of the way) of the individuals who are currently taking lessons. Individuals and couples who take the time to practice will retain the most information.

  • How much can I learn in a group class?
    A group class may be a little overwhelming for a new dancer but be assured that you will only be placed in a class with students of a similar skill level. Beginners will learn basic patterns and variations.

    Experienced dancers will learn a series of figures in each class, and will learn some technique and styling associated with those figures. If you are a student who will learn to dance exclusively through group lessons, we encourage you to switch partners as often as possible during your group classes – this will help to build your lead and follow skills.  Everyone is encouraged to ask questions during all Group Classes.

  • How much can I learn in eight private lessons?
    After eight Private Lessons a newcomer should feel comfortable dancing basic variations in 3 dances. If you prefer, you will focus on one style to maximize your execution of that single dance on the floor. If you choose to learn multiple dances, we show you how to inter-relate similar patterns in multiple dances. Imagine yourself not having to sit out another dance!

  • How much do dance lessons cost?
    Group lessons are $10 per person per lesson while private lessons average $70-80 per lesson. Purchasing a Lesson Package or a combination of Private and Group lessons can significantly lower your cost per lesson.

  • Do you teach children or teenagers?
    We teach private lessons to children of all ages. Private lessons will usually be scheduled late afternoons or Saturdays. Group Classes are also available – check our class schedule for details.

  • Do I have to compete to take lessons at Take The Lead?
    No. We do teach competition level ballroom dancing, however, our primary focus is teaching beginners and social dancers.

  • What is the most effective way to learn to dance?

    Taking lessons with Take theLead Dance Studio of course!
    For most students we recommend a comprehensive program of Private Lessons and Group Classes. This is the fastest, most cost effective way to learn.  If possible, taking group classes and/or private lessons twice a week enables individuals and couples to learn quickly and retain what you learn.  But remember… you are always free to choose the program that best fits your schedule or budget.
  • How do I get Started?
    We offer a FREE Private Introductory Lesson to all new students. This gives you a chance to visit our Studio, meet the Instructor, and see what we do.  It gives our Instructors the opportunity to assess your skill level and better understand your goals allowing them to recommend the most appropriate program to fit your needs.

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